Ituneyouin is a free entertainment niche social collaborating network. The site focuses on promoting independent performers such as actors, models, singers, music producers, engineers, designers, poets, dancers and anything pertaining to independent entertainment. It also provides entertainment bloggers a platform to share useful information to users, that may enhance their profession. We recognize how important it was to up and coming entertainers to have a place they can build a page and design it to there liking.

The platform was also built with the social experience in mind. Users are equipped with their own activity feed, user profile & wall, to help in promoting their content.
A user can also receive updates directly to their personal page from their social accounts such as twitter & face book if they choose to do so.

Ituneyouin is dedicated to helping and assisting the independent entertainer. We also share valuable updates about opportunities that our users can take part in, which may help build their careers. There are no obligations to use the ituneyouin platform. One may terminate their account at anytime. Not everyone will find every website useful, thus you have choices. also provides opportunities for it's serious and very active users to have their musical content which is available for placement shopped or promoted to individuals who's looking for fresh new material. is in no way a record label, nor affiliated with a record label. All opportunities are offered independently by individuals who knows how to get information to the right sources.
The platform is strictly for promoting purposes but periodically provides opportunities to it's members.

There are tons of unsigned entertainer platforms on the net. What makes unique?
Ituneyouin cares about independent entertainers, so the focus is strictly directed to just that. How could a website claim to promote independent entertainers, but on that same website, a major artist is being shown via an add or a user profile. You can in no way succeed in that environment. You will be overshadowed period.

A very important note. Size does not mean success. Numbers does not mean you're important. What really counts is your ability to network. Reach out & collaborate with like minded individuals. You can never know what level an individual is at in their career, unless you communicate with them. Always network within your niche. You cannot convert a network to work in your favor if that network is not geared to support what you do.

Thank you for being a part of the community.
We do hope that your experience here is well worth it.